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A 4-Kelvin cryogenic platform for fast measurements…

You need to test ultra-low energy devices or circuits at cryogenic temperature? You work with superconductors or cryoelectronics? You need quantum-accurate sensors or ultra-sensitive cryogenic sensors? You want to develop quantum engineering systems?

We have a solution.


Place your chip, device or circuit on our customised interchangeable heat-sunk cryogenic holder.


Close the box. Switch on. Relax. Your components will be cooled below 4K in less than 4 hours.


Use our user-friendly software interfaced with low-noise embedded electronics to measure electrical signals and save data.

From laboratory experience…

All researchers, engineers, PhD students or post-doctoral researchers working with cryogenic experiments know how time-consuming it is to build a system before recording the first data. It can take a few years when starting a new experiment, or at least a few months to customise an existing setup.

Indeed, vacuum-proof cryogenic interfaces must be developed, dedicated amplifiers, circulators, couplers, sensors must be installed and connected to a customised RF, DC or optical “circuitry”. Thermal constraints must be taken into account at each step of the process. And finally, since ultimate sensitivity, speed or performance is often required, the whole setup must possess very low noise properties so that the weakest signals can be brought to room temperature with as little distortion as possible.

We have developed a turnkey modular cryogenic platform so that components only have to be placed on the cryogenic stage on a patented heat-sunk chip holder. Control and readout of chips or components are done though a user-friendly software interfaced with low-noise electronics amplifiers and current-supply sources.

Low-noise amplifiers

low-noise amplifiers

… to end-user applications.


A turnkey cryogenic platform to free users from time-demanding cryogenic engineering development.

A solution to focus on your essential tasks.

Cryogenic connectivity

A path to the cold world.

The base configuration comes with 100 DC wires for control, differential measurements and temperature sensing.

A mix of 10 RF cables or optical fibers can be accommodated.


Readout is made with 8-channel room-temperature differential amplifiers modules with noise below 3 nV/√Hz and 500 kHz bandwidth.

Other modules are used for temperature sensing and current sourcing with noise lower than 1pA/√Hz.

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Low-noise turnkey cryogenic platform

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