SuperCool Systems (SCS) is focused on the development of enabling technologies at cryogenic temperature, with applications in the field of quantum electronics, with a focus on energy-efficiency, quantum-accuracy and ultimate sensitivity.

Most of products are designed to operate between 2 and 4 Kelvins, but some of them can work in the 4K to 80 K temperature range, depending on applications.

The initial objective with the development of cryo-electronic test benches emerged from the need to perform measurements of complex superconducting digital and analogue circuits at cryogenic temperature in a simple, fast and reliable way. As a result we developed all technologies to inject DC, low-frequency, RF, THz and optical signals on superconducting chips and to measure in real time their digital or analogue behavior, in presence or absence of magnetic field. As a pre-requisite, a dedicated customized low-noise electronics has been developed in-house to ease cryogenic measurements and make them transparent for the end-user.

Examples of applications requiring such an environment relate to the development of digital SQUID systems for Geophysics, Single-Flux-Quantum electronics for energy-efficient RF communication systems, or THz receivers for astronomy.

Our base product is a turnkey generic cryogenic platform, called Cryo-P, working nominally between 3K to 4K. Temperature can be raised and stabilized up to 60-80K if necessary.

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