Our base product is a turnkey cryogenic platform, called Cryo-P, working nominally between 3K to 4K. Temperature can be raised and stabilized up to 60-80K if necessary.

Cryo-P comprises a closed-cycle cooler with a cooling power of about 150mW at 4K, integrated in a rack with a computer-controlled vacuum pumping system that automates and controls temperature and pressure during cooling and heating phases. The platform functionalities are based on a low-noise control and readout electronics and a user-friendly software, embedded with a customized computer-controlled data acquisition system.

Cryo-P has been designed to accommodate simultaneously several chips or circuits, that can be installed and removed in a fast and simple way. Chips are heat-sunk through a patented chip holder which can be equipped with magnetic field generation and different sensors depending on needs . The available volume on the 4K-stage is higher than 5 liters, allowing for multiple configurations depending on the needs.

It is also possible to simultaneously install more power-hungry systems, like cryo-cooled semiconductor amplifiers, on a higher temperature stage in the 20-50K range, where a volume higher than 5 liters is also available.

Our standard Cryo-P cryogenic platform allows to control circuits that require up to 96 DC wires per chip (plus some wires for temperature sensors). DC wires can be used as 48 differential pairs when ultra-low-noise measurements are necessary, though this is not necessary. There is also flexibility to rather spread these connections on several chips comprising less input/output pins, depending on the needs.

Depending on the total power required by the systems or devices under test it is possible to customise the platform with up to 400 wires that distribute over either 4 chips of 100 wires, or a larger chip accommodating 400 wires.

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